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Canada, with its sprawling landscapes and urban sophistication, is a country that embraces both its abundant natural beauty and bustling city life. It offers safety alongside exhilaration, stability paired with the thrill of exploration. Being a front-runner in technological advancements, it is home to inspiring cultural symbols and a dynamic society that extends its warm welcome to all. The country's open-minded citizens take immense pride in their diverse origins and ethnic variety.

Comprised of 10 provinces and 3 territories, Canada proudly stands as the second-largest country by landmass on Earth. Despite its vast size, the country boasts a comparatively modest population of approximately 35 million as of 2013, quite unlike the densely populated nation of Nepal, which has a population of 30 million.

Since 2004, the United Nations has consistently placed Canada among the top ten nations in its Quality of Life Index. With its top-rated educational system, thriving economy, secure and inclusive culture, and stunning natural vistas, Canada serves as an attractive destination for students from around the globe. As a member of the G8 countries, Canada's economic growth rate is among the swiftest, a trend projected to persist according to the International Monetary Fund.

With its superior educational institutions, Canada has emerged as a preferred destination for international studies. This, coupled with an innovative economy, a tolerant society, and breathtaking scenic beauty, makes Canada a go-to place for learners worldwide. The country's notable accomplishment in higher education is acknowledged by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), ranking it at the top.

Language education in Canada is another draw for students, with high-quality English and French language instruction available, reflecting Canada's official bilingualism. In fact, Canada is a melting pot of languages, with over 200 languages spoken across the nation. As a member of the G8, Canada's economic growth rate is impressive. The country also holds founding membership in NATO, the United Nations, the Commonwealth, and the Francophonie.

As the second-largest country worldwide, Canada's population of 34 million might seem relatively small. However, its welcoming ethos is evident in the fact that, over the past 150 years, Canada has embraced 15 million immigrants from an array of different countries. This openness contributes to Canada's reputation as a forward-thinking nation that takes pride in its rich cultural diversity and ethnically diverse population.


Why Canada?

Canada's reputation for having a top-tier education system and stringent academic standards makes it an alluring choice for students seeking to pursue their studies at renowned institutions.

The country's multicultural population and inclusive society create a welcoming and enriching environment for international students, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Canada has earned its place as one of the safest countries globally, boasting a low crime rate and a robust social safety net, providing peace of mind to students and their families.

International students studying in Canada have the opportunity to work while pursuing their education, enabling them to gain valuable work experience and establish professional connections in their chosen field.

The breathtaking natural beauty of Canada, from the majestic Rocky Mountains to the picturesque Atlantic coast, offers students an exceptional setting to study and explore, enhancing their overall learning experience.

Compared to other popular study destinations like the United States and the United Kingdom, Canada's tuition fees for international students are comparatively lower, making it a compelling choice for students seeking to minimize their educational expenses without compromising on quality.


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