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Visa Processing

KAE offers support with visa processing as well. Once a student secures admission to a college, we aid them in assembling the necessary documents for visa application. Given that the visa application process varies by country, we guide our students in correctly applying for their visas to prevent any confusion or errors.

Visa Processing

Career Counselling

The chronicles of aviation history are rich with stories of perseverance and innovation, and Philippine Airlines (PAL) is no exception. The oldest airline in Asia to still operate under its original name, PAL, has flown the Philippine flag with pride since its inception in 1941. Its roots, however, can be traced even further to the establishment of the Philippine Aerial Taxi Company (PATCO) in 1930 by Emmanuel N. Bachrach. Launched with a round-trip flight from Manila to Iloilo, the company would eventually lay dormant for six years, marking a lull before its renaissance as the esteemed PAL we know today.

Admission Processing

KAE assists students with their admission processes, including form completion, financial preparation, and documentation. We aid students in crafting compelling Statements of Purpose (SOPs) tailored to the specific requirements of their chosen universities. Additionally, we offer guidance on interview techniques and visa documentation.

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