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How to Become a Pilot in Nepal in 2023?
  • KTM Alliance
  • Sep-06-2023
Introduction: Choosing a career as a pilot offers an exciting voyage and numerous advantages, especially for those captivated by the skies. If your...
Elevate your education: Queen Marget University
  • KTM Alliance
  • Aug-25-2023
Introduction to Queen Margaret University (QMU) Nestled in the picturesque city of Edinburgh, Scotland, Queen Margaret University (QMU) has earned...
Best Pilot Training Institutes in Nepal
  • KTM Alliance
  • Aug-21-2023
Introduction Nepal, known for its breathtaking landscapes and challenging terrains, has a thriving aviation industry. As the demand for skilled pil...
Study in USA from Nepal
  • KTM Alliance
  • Aug-18-2023
Introduction Dreaming of an international education that opens doors to a world of opportunities? Studying in the USA from Nepal is a choice that c...
Cost to Study Pilot training from Nepal
  • KTM Alliance
  • Aug-10-2023
Introduction Embarking on a journey to become a pilot is an exhilarating endeavour, marked by the pursuit of the skies and the thrill of commanding...
Pilot Training in USA from Nepal
  • KTM Alliance
  • Jul-03-2023
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